About me

Hi! I'm Dora, a bilingual solo traveler and blogger. My native language is Polish, my second language is English. I'm currently learning German on my own. I work full-time, train to be a professional community interpreter and try to break into translation field on a freelance basis. Unfortunately, I do not have time and resources to travel and blog full-time at the moment but I hope this will change one day. Even one positive habit done regularly can be the basis for major change in our life. I firmly believe that blogging is a very postive and character-building habit - it teaches me self-discipline, patience and attention to details. It is also a brilliant way to improve my writing and research skills. With my little blog my life has been irrevocably changed. Why art & travel blog? Because I appreciate arts and love traveling. I started a blog because I wanted to share my experiences, tips and my interest in art with like-minded individuals. I wanted to build something lasting that I would take pride in.

Hope you will enjoy my humble blogging beginings. 

Thank you for reading.
- Dora 

By the Baltic Sea, in a lovely seaside Polish town called Ustka.


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