Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Playful Wind.


Many creative people do their best work when collaborating within a circle of likeminded friends. Experimenting together and challenging one another, they develop the courage to create things they would not have otherwise created. Out of their discussions they develop a new, shared vision that guides their work even when they work alone. If it were not for my friendship with Bartosz Kowalski - a young, hugely talented Polish composer, I would have never dared to create poems in English. Thanks to his encouragement and a subtle push I did venture to write my first English poems. I used to write lyrics in my native language which is Polish but did not feel confident and competent enough to create poetry in Shakespeare's language! Bartosz suggested that I should give it a try one day, because he would be happy to translate my poem in English to a choir song. He commissioned me to write some poems in English and I took a chance. Listening to "The Playful Wind" sung by a choir made writing the poem all worthwile. When I listened to the choir rendition of my poem for the first time I felt really proud and elated. I thought - It is me who wrote the words - I am a lyricist ;-).
I like surrounding myself with creatives. They help us to unleash our own creativity!

Bartosz Kowalski, a graduate in composition from Chopin University, Warsaw, composes in a variety of genres, including both sacred and secular choral music, instrumental music, film music. The Playful Wind  is a colourfully dynamic setting of Dora Lorenc's poem "To the Playful Wind" - about 6 minutes' duration and was premiered in October 2015 and is eager to be performed again.

The composer is more than happy to make arrangements for other forces on demand.

Composer's website:

Composer: Bartosz Kowalski
Lyrics: Dora Lorenc

Warsaw University of Technology Academic Choir
Conductor: Justyna Pakulak
Solo: Katarzyna PiÄ…tkowska
15th Anniversary of Choir Concert in Warsaw Philharmonic (28.10.2015)

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